Online Zeta Potential measurement

New development for Online Zeta Potential
The Online Zeta Potential Measurement OZP07
After The SZ3 and SZ5 we developed a new type of Online Zeta potential

The Magendans SZP07 detects the surface charge of all fibers and
It measures approx. every 3 min. automatic the actual charge.
Standard with one or two sampling connections. N
Very low maintenance approx. 30 min. per month.
Benefits compared to the SZ3 and SZ5:
No vacuum pomp ( therefore no pollution in pipes, valves and hoses)
Vacuum is generated by an electrical actuator and a cylinder with
plunger direct above the measuring cell.
A second vacuum actuator and measuring cell is standard delivered
as spare part and can be exchanged in 10 min.