Dynamic Filtration System

This instrument has been developed to quickly and accurately determine the influence of chemicals on filtration properties

the instrument mainly consists of;

A mixing chamber with a cone valve under witch a filter is located. The filtrate is caught i a beaker that stand on a scale the instrument is computer controlled

the instrument can be operated very simply from the computer program. this program allows all of the relevant data entered. A mixing program can also be programmed, that can be used to simulate process conditions

After inputting the various parameters, you are requested to feed the material to be measured into the instrument, following which the mixing profile will run its program. When this is completed, the valve will automatically open and filtration will take place. The amount of filtrate is continuously measured with approximately 5 samples per second. This is displayed in a graph showing the amount of filtrate as a function of time.

The computer program can be used to compare all of the graphs by displaying them in the window. It is possible to add all sorts of parameters to the graph, so that comparable graphs are created, such as the dosed amount of chemicals compared to the dehydration velocity.

A second function of the instrument is to make a filtrate in order to determine the retention. Different mixing gear is provided for this as well as a magnetic valve under the filter.

The mixing gear ensures that the filter remains clean. The retention is calculated by determining the amount of dry matter in the filtrate and in the original material and entering these data into the computer program.

It is also possible here to make various graphs with the program, and to compare all of the parameters.